Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Safe in Armenia

Thanks for all the emails and notes of concern, and i am sorry for not being in better contact. my cell phone is not working now in Armenia, but all of the volunteers from georgia have been evacuated. The political situation for georgia is not looking very good, and many of us are having a difficult time being seperated from our communities while they are facing these challenges. I don't know at this time what is happing with regards to our return to Georgia, but i have internet now so i will be in better contact. i miss you all and hope you are well. take care and talk to you soon.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

random pictures

here are some random pictures. the first is of my foot, next to a dinosaur foot print! awesome. there is a place here with a bunch of dinosaur footprints fosilized into stone there, it is pretty awesome to be honest, and i have more pictures to show you later if you are interested.

the next picture is of one of my students in his village above my town (in the valley in the background) and he was pushing his brother around in a wheelbarrow, and i though it was cool picture.

the last is of course my baby girl. isn't she cute?

english concert

these pictures are from and english concert i put together to celebrate mothers day. the first picture is of my third form girls in their "flower" costumes. they each had a poem about a type of flower and the different colors. the bost were animals and had animal poems, then at the end they held up papers to spell "happy mothers day", you can see how that turned out for yourself in the second picture... the third picture is me, and my ninth graders, doing our acclaimed accoustic version of "twinkle twinkle little star", i would venture to say that it was off the hook. of course some sixth formers got to put on the oh so impressive "kittens who lost mittens" with painted faces in the fourth picture, and the last one is just some of my other class of sixth formers, i think that is a cool picture of my kids. anyway, the concert was great, lots of well wishes to mothers, said in english, and not understood by 99% of the mothers in attendance, but whatever, they got the idea. and nobody even mentioned the mispellings... i love this place

bombora, now seriously bombora

this is the most recent picture of my dog, if you don't like her you aren't my friend. (i can however excuse people with allergies or who were attacked by a dog as a small child and now have a fear of them, i was similarily attacked by coliflower and a freaked out by the stuff today.)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

spring post

hello all, i am here writing a new post for spring, to let you know that i am ok, and my toes are unthawing! but really, simply put, here is a sweet picture of my 3rd grade class. they are rockstars. things are really wonderful here, except this blog. spring is hitting me better than the coming of any season ever in my life. the wildflowers are out in my little mountain town. plans are coming together for working on some great community projects, including some tourism development, hopefully so ecology projects with my eco club kids, and maybe even some women's health education projects. the possibilities are endless and we are coming out of winter into spring like mike tyson coming out of his corner in round 2 against, well, i don't know what, but something that he would crazily beat up merciously. lets get it on.(that metaphor is not meant to imply that i am going to beat anybody up, or that i have gone crazy, just that i am getting to work and it all looks good). so stay out of trouble, let me know whats up over there, sorry for not sending letters out, and let me know if you all need anything. i'll try to help. a special thanks to KT's classes for sending all those sweet christmas postcards, sorry i haven't sent you all anything sweet back yet, but i will one day, this late blog post is just the first. i will try to get my act together and send some stories out too.  you guys are awesome, and those cards made me laugh heartily, and also miss all the pictures of delicious foods that you included. including the rare cooked steak. thanks a lot! haha. peace!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas chores

it wouldn't be christmas without chopping a little wood. this is me and beso, mark and lisa's host father cutting wood to keep our christmas warm.

at lisa's school

me and paul went to lisa's class for her christmas party and it was great, her kids are awesome. the hit of the day was limbo, which i am sore today from, and the ball-under the chin-no hands-passing game. it was a great day.